Visual & Performing Arts

Many of our staff are practitioners in their subjects – practising artists, photographers, musicians, dancers, directors, sound engineers and filmmakers. Their real-world knowledge enhances their teaching and enables them to give you well-informed advice on progression routes.

We have good links with local theatres, cinemas, sound studios and galleries to widen your insight into our subjects and – we hope – strengthen your love for the arts.


Social Science

Are you interested in people? In how they behave? Think? Interact? Are you interested in our society? How we arrived at where we are today? How we organise ourselves? Who holds power and why?

If these issues interest you then our range of Social Science subjects may also appeal.


Science and PE

Hello and welcome to our Science and PE subjects. Firstly, a question for you … why not be the best?

It’s easy to think that successful scientists and top sports stars are born rather than made, but like many professions, a lot of it is down to being in the right place at the right time, and working hard at something you enjoy. So if you are determined and motivated you can be something special. Bilborough College is the right place and now is the right time to join us and study what you love.


Professional Studies

Our Business and Finance department here at Bilborough Sixth Form College includes all of the subjects that can prepare you for life in the corporate world.

Combining subjects such as Business Studies with Accounting or Economics will give you a strong idea of how businesses operate and interact – within their own markets and throughout the country as a whole. These are practical and academic subjects that will require you to solve problems and apply your knowledge to real-life situations.

Law is a relatively new department at Bilborough, introduced to meet the increasing interest in the subject at A Level and degree level.

Many of our teaching staff are ex-practitioners in their field: fully trained lawyers, accountants and business professionals who are all ideally placed to give you first-hand guidance as well as theoretical knowledge. They can provide you with a realistic insight into what the career path you have chosen actually entails and give you informed progression advice.

Students who have studied these subjects have successfully moved into employment, graduate training schemes, high level apprenticeships and of course higher education.


Mathematics and Computer Science

There are a variety of options offered by the Bilborough Maths Department. The A-Level in Mathematics involves Pure, Statistics and Mechanics. The Further Maths is available as an AS course or an A Level course and consists of some more complex Pure, Mechanics and Statistics topics. The department also offers a Level 3 qualification in Maths Studies (Core Maths), which can be studied alongside other A-Levels and is focused on the application of maths to real life situations. The department has specialist staff who look forward to supporting you in your studies here.

The A-Level Computer Science course, studied over two years, offers students the opportunity to develop their fundamental programming skills as well as advance their knowledge & understanding of the technical aspects of Computers. Click on the link below to find out about the course on offer in detail.


Languages and Communication

People who study these subjects are often united by their passion for words and meaning.

In English you have a choice of studying Literature to explore how meanings are produced in the interplay between writer and reader. Or you can opt for English Language which offers you a rich world of meanings in literary and non-literary texts, and of course in speech and e-language. Both subjects offer you some freedom in choosing ideas for coursework and, at A Level, you’ll need to do quite a bit of independent reading and research.

Extended Studies

Welcome to the Extended Studies course information page.

By taking one of the Extended Studies courses it is a great way for you to build you CV’s, gain vital employability skills and extra UCAS points. We offer a selection of courses to suit the different needs of students from across the college and help them progress to the next stages of the education or into employment.

Please find below the links to courses currently offered as part of the Extended Studies programme. To find out more information on the courses offered including course details, UCAS points gained, support, contact time and more, simply click on the relevant link.

If you would like further information on the Extended Studies options please contact james.quested@bilborough.ac.uk.

Also on offer


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