Trinity Gold Arts Award

Trinity Gold Arts Award

Our Subject

The Gold Arts Award is not just for students taking creative subjects but is open to all students in the college.

What is the Arts Award?

The Arts Award is about taking a creative skill you already have, developing this and then adding in a new skill or practise to study and learn.

Within the award you will review arts events we attend together as a team, work with advanced practitioners in your new art form and take part in placements or workshops within the industry.

You will also organise an arts event gaining valuable practical skills for the industry and present a debate on something that matters to you within the arts.

What do you gain?

The qualification is worth 16 UCAS points and is graded at pass or fail.

In addition to which you also gain valuable employability skills such as:

  • effective leadership
  • working as part of a team
  • problem solving
  • developing independent study techniques
  • effective communication and application of technology

What’s the cost?

Theatre trips are part of your course, so please allow for this, and also potential workshops with a professional in your chosen field.

£50 should cover the cost of all that you need. Bursaries are available and we welcome applications for these.

If you would more information on the Gold Arts Award please contact

Course Structure

What’s the time commitment?

You need to commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week in college to complete your Arts Award, alongside any extra work placements or workshops you attend. Lessons take place every Wednesday afternoon from 1-3pm. Extra time commitment includes a minimum of 2 event trips to attend as a group, volunteering to help at arts events within the group and organising an arts event of your own.

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