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An introduction to Media Studies
A Level Media Studies FAQs

You don’t need GCSE Media Studies to take the subject at A Level at Bilborough Sixth Form College but you will need creativity, imagination, a willingness to develop a range of technical skills and an interest in all aspects of the media: television, radio, magazines, video games, social media and the music industry. We follow the Eduqas specification. The course is assessed through a mixture of exams and practical coursework and you study a wide range of texts from popular TV spy thrillers such as Killing Eve to Video Games such as Assassin’s Creed and music videos by Beyonce.

You’ll work in a specialist edit suite and will have access to all the equipment you need to successfully produce practical projects. Much of the shooting for the coursework takes place outside college. To allow students to take the cameras off college premises it is essential that they are insured. As it is impossible to cover these items under the general college insurance, the department underwrites the insurance and charges each student a £15 fee to cover the cost. This money should be paid at enrolment in August.

To study Media Studies at Bilborough, you need a minimum grade 5 or above in English GCSE, grade 4 in Maths and if you have taken Media Studies at GCSE, a minimum grade 5 in that subject.

Our links with HE

Many of the students from the course go on to study media related subjects at university and are working in a variety of roles in film, TV, music video production, animation, radio, marketing and journalism. Lots of students combine this subject with A Level Film Studies; universities are happy to accept both qualifications.

Course Structure

Component 1: Media Products, Industries & Audiences

Written examination – 2 hours 15 minutes

35% of qualification

In this component you will develop your knowledge and understanding of key areas such as media language and representation which are an essential basis for analysing media products from a variety of forms. You will study products from specific media industries and for specific audiences and explore how they relate to their social, cultural, historical, political and economic contexts. You’ll also develop your ability to use relevant subject-specific terminology and apply theories. The texts you will discuss include: print and online adverts, music videos, film posters and trailers, daily newspapers, radio programmes and video games.

Component 2: Media Forms and Products in Depth

Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes

35% of qualification

In this component you study three media forms in depth, exploring their media language, representation, the industries that produced them and their audiences. You will closely analyse a range of texts comparing their use of media language and how social, cultural, economic, political and historical contexts shape their representations You will also study the role of different media industries in shaping media texts, as well as considering the ways in which they target and address both mass and specialised audiences. You’ll continue to develop your ability to use relevant subject-specific terminology and apply theories. The texts you will discuss include: British and European TV dramas, magazines and the sites of popular bloggers & You Tubers.

Component 3: Cross-Media Production

Non-exam assessment: internally assessed and externally moderated by Eduqas

30% of qualification

This component brings together the knowledge and understanding of the media you have gained throughout the course. You will make a range of practical moving image and print pieces in response to a brief set by the exam board. To do this effectively you will learn to shoot and edit footage and produce print work using packages such as Final Cut & Photoshop.


There are many opportunities for fledgling filmmakers. We encourage our students to seek out relevant work experience and enter their own work into local short film festivals and national competitions. We also have annual awards for the best student coursework.

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