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A Level Physical Education FAQs

Why do people take performance-enhancing drugs? How does your brain process information in a split second? Why do athletes train at high altitude? What causes players to become violent? Why is it so important to host the Olympics and win lots of gold medals? PE is a science course for the human mind and body. The modules you will study on a PE A-level or BTEC course here at Bilborough College cover the physiological, psychological and sociological factors that affect participation in sport. If you love the science of sport, have good organisational skills and can work well both independently and as a team, then you will enjoy PE at Bilborough.

To study PE at Bilborough, you need a minimum grade 5 in Maths GCSE, grade 5 in English Language GCSE and 55 in Combined Science or 5 in two single Sciences. If you have taken PE at GCSE, a minimum grade 6 in that subject. You must have representative honours.

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What can you study after leaving Bilborough College with a really good A Level grade in Physical Education? The question should really be, “What can’t you study …?!” Every respected university accepts this subject as a ‘science’. Furthermore, PE gives you a solid grounding for further studies and careers in sports science, sport and leisure management, teaching, sports psychology, physiotherapy, sports nutrition and sports development, outdoor instruction, personal training and coaching.

Course Structure

We have chosen the OCR specification which spans two years. The range of modules taught will cover the three formal final examinations in the second year; namely, ‘Physiological Factors affecting Performance’, ‘Psychological Factors affecting Performance’ and ‘Socio-cultural Issues in Physical Activity and Sport’. There is no written coursework; instead you will perform in your chosen sport to the highest possible level through dedication to training and skill development, and you will analyse a piece of sporting action to be able to coach another performer. Your chosen sport, therefore, is crucial because it can be worth up to 30% of your final grade!

We will work you incredibly hard (in a recent survey 97% of the new PE students said they were studying 4-5+ hours per week just for PE) but the results will be there for all to see! We always ask for more – there are so many past exam questions to do –  so your challenge is to complete any exam questions (there are over 150 across the exam boards) within the first four terms of the course! No-one has managed it so far…

We will not let you ‘coast’ through and achieve your minimum grade (“If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well!”) so be prepared to work to your absolute limits in every lesson, every week.


“I really enjoy the way we learn outside lessons…it’s all down to us at the start…. then the teacher helps us to fully understand what we need to know.” Kelvin

“We are constantly doing past questions…and the teacher will not let us fail!” Leah

“Doing the full two years at Bilborough made the studying at Loughborough Uni much better…I was given all I needed because I was always pushed from day one!” Nicki, about to complete her degree in Sports and Exercise Science.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Kevin Durant

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