• Covid-19 Student FAQ’s

    Q. Now that the exams are cancelled, how will the grades going to be allocated? Are predicted grades going to be used?  Will my mock exam results be the grade I will be given? Will I need to provide evidence (e.g. folder/marked work) for me to be given a grade?

    A. The government have said they will publish details about how they intend to award grades for A levels and BTECs on Friday 20th March. Until we have this information, we cannot say whether predicted grades will be used. Having said that, any predicted grades that teachers give would be based on a whole range of things:  assessment results, homework records, etc.

    Q. Do I still need to complete coursework?

    A. It is still unclear as to how grades will be awarded so until it is announced tomorrow, it would be sensible to keep working on your coursework until the guidance has been given from the government

    Q. Will there be any internal (college) assessments for us to revise for to give predicted grades? Do we need to keep doing work to provide evidence for a predicted grade? Do I still need to keep revising?

    A. No. There are no plans for staff to give predicted grades based on work beyond this point.

    Q. How will I know whether I have been accepted on my university course? What if I am still awaiting interviews/auditions/offers? How will universities decide on who is going to be accepted on a course if they are over-subscribed?

    A. This information may vary for different universities.  Please go to their websites to get this information

    Q. If I do not get the grade I think I deserve, is there an appeals process?

    A. There is no information currently available to answer this question. We will update this document when we know more.

    Q. Are employers/apprenticeships/universities going to take results seriously if we got ‘awarded grades’ rather than sitting exams for the result? Will these be classed as real A levels/BTECs?

    A. We understand that they will be treated as any other year’s qualification.

    Q. Is college refunding college bus payments?

    A. If you use college buses you will receive an email by Friday 20th March

    Q. I am a bursary student. Will I still get financial support?

    A. You have been sent an email with details of payments that will be made to you. These will continue until college reopens and up to the planned end of year date for year 13s.

    Q. When do I return my library books and collect the £60 deposit?

    A. The logistics of this are yet to be sorted.  It will be communicated with you in the coming weeks but this is likely to be linked to the Leavers Event (details to follow)

    If you have any further questions, please email [email protected]

    What is the situation for applicants

    As you know, it has been announced that UK schools and colleges will close until further notice, and that GCSE examinations will not be taking place. We fully understand that this is an anxious time for all of you and we wanted to assure you that we are working hard to ensure that your progression to Bilborough for the next academic year is as smooth as possible.

    Induction taster days
    We have scheduled taster days for all applicants for 9th and 10th July (Induction A) and 13th and 14th July (Induction B). We do not know yet if these days will be able to go ahead – we will notify you as soon as we have made a firm decision.

    Enrolment to college
    We have scheduled our main enrolment days for 20th and 21st August, immediately following GCSE results day, and we hope that these days will go ahead as planned. As you know, students must meet minimum entry requirements to study with us and specific criteria for certain courses. At the moment, given the government’s commitment to award GCSE grades to all Y11 students, we anticipate that this day will run as normal. Once we get the information from the Department of Education about how the grades are to be awarded, we will confirm or amend this arrangement.

    We wish you, your friends, your schools and your families the very best during this difficult period and we look forward to welcoming you here in September.

  • Our Open Days 2019 – 2020

    Our Open Days for 2019 – 2020 are on:

    Saturday 12 October 2019                           10.00am – 2.00pm

    Wednesday 13 November 2019                    4.00pm – 7.00pm

    Saturday 14 March 2020                              10.00am – 1.00pm

    Our open events are designed to give you all the information and advice you need to help you make the right choice for your future so why not take the opportunity to meet our staff and students, as well as have all your questions answered at one of our open days?

    We look forward to welcoming you!

    You can view the Open Day Brochure via the link below:

    Bilborough Open Day Brochure

    If you can’t make our Open Days, then you may like to come to one of our Tour and Talk events instead.

    Tour and Talk Events

    This is a chance for potential students (years 10 and 11) to visit the college and find out more about what we have to offer. At each event, a presentation is given by the Principal and there is an opportunity to ask questions followed by a tour of the college. Unlike our open days, spaces are limited on these events so we request that you book to reserve a place.

    Tours take place on a number of Wednesdays throughout the year – we will update the link below when spaces are available for booking. Please use the link below to see the dates and book a tour.


  • Lucas inspired to study medicine after overcoming cancer as a child

    Lucas Burgess (18) of Borrowash got three A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths which means he can now study Medicine at the University of Nottingham.

    Lucas felt anxious about getting his A level results, he said:

    “It was very scary this morning knowing I had my results. Usually I just like to put things off. I wanted to get up, have a shower and have my breakfast but my Mum and Dad really wanted me to look at my results. I wasn’t sure whether I had done enough to get into Nottingham. I needed three A grades so I was still really unsure how it would go until I looked at them.

    “Of course when I saw them I was very, very happy. I was shaking; it was more relief than anything. It’s really been on my mind as you spend so much time planning, looking at accommodation and the like but you’re not sure you’ll get what you need to get in.

    “I had to go through quite a rigorous process, doing entrance exams and interviews. I also went on work experience. I spent a few days at the Royal Derby Hospital and then a week at the Queen’s Medical Centre.

    “I’ve really enjoyed my time at Bilborough, it was the right choice for me and they have been so supportive and given me lots of help with careers advice and helping me get work experience. They have specialist support for people wanting to apply for medicine and I think if that wasn’t there I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

    The teenager was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of 10 and following intensive treatment he went into remission five years ago. (more…)

  • Millie is heading for Cambridge University

    Millie Wheeldon (18) from Ilkeston got three A* grades in English Literature, French and History. She will now study English at Cambridge.

    She said: “I’ve tried not to think about results day so have been just reading lots of books. I was up really early this morning as I heard the email ping through on my phone and saw that I had secured my place. I’m really looking forward to meeting and working with people with similar subject interests and living independently too.”

  • Jasmin’s 4 A* grades secure her place at Cambridge University

    Jasmin Verso (18) of Wollaton received 4 A* grades in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is going on to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

    She said: “I’ve always had a natural ability for maths and enjoyed sciences. I really enjoy those subjects and knew what I wanted to do. I wasn’t quite expecting the results I got but obviously I’m really happy with them.

    “I didn’t like waiting for my results. I was shaking this morning and thought I’d have to wait but when I picked my phone up my results were already there. I started thinking about going to Cambridge in year 12. The process to get in was quite daunting. I’m really happy to be in to be in and looking forward to going and living independently. I think the degree will help me develop my skills and I’m thinking about possibly going into finance afterwards.”

  • Eloise achieves A* A* A despite losing her college work in a house fire

    A Bilborough College student achieved two A*s and an A grade despite losing two years’ worth of A-level work in a fire which left her homeless a week before her exams were due to start.

    Eloise Siani Djiajkou has been living in temporary accommodation with her family in New Basford, Nottingham, since the blaze broke out in May this year and left their house severely smoke damaged.

    The 18-year-old said she was thrilled with her grades in English Literature, Psychology and French, which mean that she can go on to Nottingham Trent University to study Psychology.

    She said: “I lost all of my notes from every subject, which was hundreds and hundreds of pages and two years of work, because they were damaged by the smoke from the fire, everything was just black. English was really hit and miss for me because I lost my revision notes. The teachers helped me, they spent extra time with me before the exams and gave me lots of notes.

    “Fortunately after the fire I was able to get my Psychology textbook from my house and a lot of what I needed for that exam was online but for my other subjects I had help from my teachers and I literally locked myself in a room and revised. My cat died in the fire too. It was so stressful in the run up to my exams but I knew I just had to do them. (more…)

  • The Monstrum

    Bilborough College is presenting ‘The Monstrum’ on 29 & 30 March at 7:30pm in the Theatre.

    In a cold village on the edge of nowhere, a disease has The Monstrum Posterbroken out, infecting the young and transforming them into monstrous creatures. The villagers fearfully watch their children for symptoms of the disease, whilst the Mayor has adopted tough measures for dealing with those who are infected. When Bolek, the local scholar, makes a breakthrough in finding a cure, few are prepared for the gruesome nature of the treatment. But with his own daughter showing signs of infection, there is no choice than to stop this terrible disease dead in its tracks. A gothic melodrama about the terrifying onset of adolescence.

    Tickets can be purchased on Wisepay, or by emailing [email protected]

    Additionally, the show will be on at Derby Theatre on the 24 April at 6pm.

  • Bilborough is a “Good” college: Ofsted 2016

    Bilborough College has been rated as “good” by Ofsted inspectors who said that teaching was “highly effective” and that students worked hard.

    Inspectors praised the effectiveness of leadership and management, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare and outcomes for learners, with every area being rated “good”.

    They said that teachers demonstrated high expectations, with students responding to this by working hard both in and out of lessons.

    The vast majority of students make good progress and achieve their qualifications with almost all of them progressing to positive destinations and the majority going on to higher education, many to highly selective universities, the report said.

    Ofsted’s verdict comes 18 months after inspectors said the college required improvement but following a visit in September this year, inspectors said there had been clear improvements in teaching.

    They said: “Leaders and managers have used a judicious combination of high-quality staff development and effective performance management to bring about change. They have provided effective, tailored and interesting training to enable all teachers to improve their practice.”

    They praised all members of the college community for creating a “culture of collective endeavour that supports the progress of students.”

    Inspectors said: “In lessons, teachers provide very good help for students to develop practical and employability skills.”

    The report also said that students were enthusiastic about their learning.

    It said: “They participate with energy and passion in lessons and speak positively about their experiences. They produce good quality work both in lessons and through homework tasks. Their enthusiasm and hard work contributes well to their progress and attainment and prepares them well for exam success.”

    Inspectors noted that the college had an inclusive culture in which students with diverse identities felt welcome and safe and students showed respect and tolerance towards each other.

    The college’s enrichment programme was singled out for praise and was described in the report as “highly effective” helping students to become thoughtful and productive citizens.

    College Principal, Chris Bradford, said:

    “This report shows young people and their parents that anyone considering Bilborough Sixth Form College as their next step can expect to benefit from excellent teaching and support. They will have the chance to thrive in a culture that fosters learning, achievement and progression, helping each individual reach their full potential. The report provides just recognition of the hard work, imagination and ambition of all members of the college community.”