Vibrating wristband designer achieves 2 A*‘s and an A

A student who designed a vibrating wristband to alert disabled bus travellers to their stop is celebrating after achieving fantastic A level results.

Daria Bustza, 18, achieved A*s in Biology and Maths and an A in Chemistry and she is now planning to study biomedical sciences at the University of York.

“I am really proud of these results and really happy,” said the 18-year-old of West Bridgford. “I’m so pleased that I can go to university.”

Daria entered a national transport contest called All Aboard which challenged students to improve travel for disabled bus passengers.

Her winning design was a wristband that could be given out by bus drivers which incorporates a Bluetooth device that links up with the driver’s ticket machine and vibrates when a passenger is close to their chosen stop.

A Southampton-based company Mobile OnBoard was selected to create a prototype of the wristband. Daria is waiting to hear if the company has moved any further forward with developing the wristband.

She said: “I haven’t heard any more from the company other than they were selected to make the prototype so I will message them and see if there is any news.”