Student Exec/Voice

Student Executive

“Hello and Welcome,’ from your Student Executive. We are a group of students who meet weekly to try and enhance College life for students. Some of the previous events that we have managed and organized are: Free trips to Liverpool and London, to celebrate Black History Month and Student Pride; End of year Prom and Easter Egg hunts to name a few. Additionally, we raise money each year for charities chosen by the students, in the past these have included: Cancer Research and Shelter. A responsibility of ours is to try and leave a positive legacy, we give small bursaries to worthy students who are trying to achieve amazing things. We want to hear from you, so don’t be afraid to email us with any queries. (

Student Voice

One of the ways the executive like to hear from you is via the Student Voice meetings that we host, which occur throughout the year. This is your chance to get involved and let us know how you feel and what you would like.  The best way of doing this is to become your Tutor Rep, a position which you will be asked to do in tutor groups.  This way you will be responsible for representing your peers and you will get the chance to speak out and stand up for the things you would like to see happen in college.