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A brief introduction to BTEC qualifications at Bilborough Sixth Form College

As a prestigious vocational qualification, BTEC qualifications give students the knowledge and employability skills needed to succeed in higher education as well as the very competitive jobs market.

At Bilborough, our BTEC qualification range provides students with a fantastic opportunity to study a subject they love full-time by doing the BTEC Extended Diploma or alongside other BTEC Diploma/Subsidiary/Extended Certificate or A-level subject(s).

All students undertaking a BTEC qualification are encouraged and supported to complete meaningful work experience, with the necessary support and advice coming from our dedicated Work Experience Co-ordinator. You’ll find more information on our Careers and Progression Programme pages.

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    BTEC Level 3  Extended Diploma Qualification

    A 3 A-Level equivalent qualification that allows students to study either Business, Sports and Exercise Science, Public Services, Acting or Applied Science full time for 2 years.

    BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Qualification

    A 1 A-level equivalent qualification available for Public Services and Applied Law subjects. Students can combine a Subsidiary subject with another Subsidiary, a BTEC Extended Certificate, a BTEC Diploma or 2 additional A-Level qualifications.

    BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate

    A 1 A-Level equivalent just like the Subsidiary however this qualification has changed its title. This qualification is available in the following subjects: Business, Applied Science, Performing Arts (Dance), Creative Media Production and Sports and Exercise Science.

    Students can combine an Extended Certificate subject with another Extended Certificate, a BTEC Subsidiary, a BTEC Diploma or 2 additional A-Level qualifications.

Public Services

If you’re interested in a career in public services one of our BTEC Level 3 courses may be for you.  The public services sector is a huge area of employment and there are hundreds of different organisations which make up the public sector and thousands of job roles within these organisations.  The Office of National Statistics estimates that in 2009 there were over 6 million people employed by the public sector.

Look around you and consider what our public services do for us.  Who do you go to if you are ill? Who do you call in an emergency?  Who organises your local sports facilities or pool?  Who runs your local library?  What would you do if you had your mobile phone or wallet stolen?  Without the public services our lives would be very different.

It is really important to remember that the public services are more than the highly visible emergency and armed services. They could not operate without the huge number of civilian support workers who assist in providing the services we often take for granted.  This includes police community support officers, traffic wardens, emergency call workers and charity volunteers.

We offer the Level 3 90 Credit Diploma.

Performing Arts

Our BTEC Level 3 courses in Performing Arts allow anyone with a desire to have a career in acting or performing arts to study a 1 or 3 A-Level equivalent qualification.

Information Technology

This course brings the study of Information Technology right up to date and it’s supported by a range of industries, higher education institutions including IBM and Cisco. Students will apply their practical skills and knowledge in preparation for further study, Higher Education or the workplace.

Creative Digital Media Production

Our creative Media Production courses allow students to develop a wide range of practical production skills in a variety of formats in combination with an understanding of how media texts function and media industries work.

This will suit students who may not get Bs in Maths and English but have a real interest in making short films, music videos, documentaries and adverts. Creative Media Production requires a broad range of skills including detailed planning, working effectively with others and good communication skills. An interest in all aspects of the media is essential.


Studying one of our BTEC Business courses allows students with a variety of previous business knowledge to develop their understanding of business environments, finance and marketing. You will gain a variety of employability and higher education skills along the way including presenting, report writing and creating promotional material.

Externally assessed units will test your understanding and ability in finance as well as your creativity in creating a marketing campaign.

You will receive excellent teaching and resources, with visits to selected businesses to enhance theoretical knowledge.

BTEC Sport

Our rewarding two-year BTEC Sport courses are the equivalent to one, two or three A-levels; they are more vocational and are assessed by a combination of both externally and internally verified assignments. There are three levels of achievement: Pass, Merit and Distinction, with the latter requiring the greatest demonstration of knowledge and understanding.

Applied Science

The BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma is a full-time course equivalent to 3 A-Levels, offering you the chance to study applied science. It is a very well-regarded route to employment in science or as an alternative from A Levels to gain entry to university.

The BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate counts as one of your 3 A Level subjects and is a two year course. It is equivalent to one A Level and is primarily aimed at students who would like to continue to study a Science to support other subjects. There are no special entry requirements above the standard 5 GCSE grades at grade 4 or above (including Combined Science).