Learning Support and Well Being

Kirsty Lockton is the Learning Support Manager.

Kirsty and her team offer support to students who might have specific needs including physical health conditions, Dyslexia and a range of learning difficulties and disabilities. Reasonable adjustments are made for all students with identified support needs to ensure access to the curriculum. Where appropriate, students receive a summary of strategies to develop throughout their studies and to prepare for the future. Support is also offered through the Study Room as an opportunity to practice and develop skills.

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Jenny Waters is the Wellbeing Coach.

She offers mental health and wellbeing support in college, as well as support to attain excellent academic progress. The issues and needs addressed include: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide ideation Autistic Spectrum disorder, ADHD and others. The Wellbeing Coach also works with students lacking in motivation, difficult family circumstances and stress.