Bilborough Sixth Form College becomes member of new Multi-Academy Trust.

Bilborough Sixth Form College has become a founding member of a new Multi-Academy Trust.

Following an extensive consultation period, the college has joined the Better Futures Multi-Academy Trust (BFMAT), which has been designed with sixth form colleges in mind and is sponsored by Coventry University. Its first member college, King Edward VI in Nuneaton, joined in January 2019.

This move is intended to safeguard the College’s future and to preserve the distinctive Sixth Form College experience for students. To qualify for membership of the Trust, the Corporation of Bilborough Sixth Form College has been dissolved in order that Bilborough Sixth Form College can convert to a 16-19 academy and join the Trust.

The name, identity, location, values, vision and mission of Bilborough Sixth Form College will remain the same. Students will remain registered at Bilborough Sixth Form College, accessing the same provision in the same location and the college will still be headed by its own principal. Teachers will continue to teach at Bilborough Sixth Form College only and staff terms and conditions will remain the same.

College leaders see very significant benefits for its students from working with other sixth form colleges and a leading UK university.

Dave Shaw, Principal of Bilborough Sixth Form College, said: “Bilborough Sixth Form College is committed to sharing our expertise and opening up new opportunities for our students, staff and our community by working at the heart of Better Futures Multi-Academy Trust.

“We already work closely with a network of Sixth Form Colleges across England and with partner universities to achieve this. Becoming a member of the BFMAT Trust is not only as a natural next step in a more formal collaboration with a leading university and other Sixth Form Colleges, but is also an opportunity to provide a unique student experience at Bilborough Sixth Form College.

“We believe this move will enhance the resilience and capacity of the college, ensure continuity for students and support our strategic vision. The aim of the Better Futures Multi -Academy Trust is: “To transform the futures of young people through excellence, innovation and opportunity”. This aligns closely with and extends our own vision: To be the unique and vibrant Sixth Form College of choice, celebrating individuality, pushing boundaries, achieving excellence and launching exciting careers.”

Ulysses Lyons, CEO of BFMAT, said:

“We’re really excited to welcome Bilborough as a founding member of Better Futures. As Dave says, it’s a great opportunity to build on what is already at the college; great students, great staff and an exciting vision for the future. We know that the best way to continue improving colleges is to have all members of the college community working together to create an environment where everyone can thrive, develop themselves and each other. Our focus at BFMAT is very much around how we help create this developmental and supportive culture for staff and students and we’re looking forward to what we can learn from and with the staff and students at Bilborough.”