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Computer Science

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As well as giving you an understanding of the main elements of computing, studying for a Computer Science A-level at Bilborough College will build your awareness of the social, economic and legal implications of using computer-based systems in a variety of situations. Please note that studying for this academic course is very different from the day-to-day use of PCs as a hobby or as a tool for other subjects. It is not about mastering the latest system available in the IT or games market (although admittedly that is fun). Programming will be an essential part of your studies and you’ll be expected to put a considerable amount of work into mastering basic programming skills using VB.NET.

You need a grade C/4 or above in both English and Maths at GCSE to study Computer Science at Bilborough, it would be beneficial if you had a grade B/5 in Maths

Our links with HE

Here in Bilborough College’s Computer Science department we are building links with Loughborough University, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Coventry, so you can visit them and take part in special lectures focusing on Computing and project management. To give you further insight into possible degree paths, former Bilborough College students who are doing Computer Science related courses at university will come in to share their experiences with you.

Course Structure

Your first year (AS) is made up of two units: the theoretical CG1 and the practical CG2. CG1 is all about acquiring an understanding of software, system development, and data and applications. You will be assessed with a three-hour written exam. You will draw on the knowledge you acquire in this unit when it comes to CG2, which focuses on the analysis, design, software development, documentation, testing and evaluation of a system leading to a solution to a given problem.

Your second year (A2) is also made up of two units: the theoretical CG3, which builds upon previous knowledge, and the practical CG4 for which you will analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate a computer solution to a substantial problem of your choice. As in the previous year, the system you propose may consist of one integrated program or a suite of related programs, or you may use an applications package together with an underlying programming language.


‘What a computer is to me …the most remarkable tool that we’ve ever come up with, and it’s the equivalent of a bicycle for the mind.’
Steve Jobs

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