An introduction to Photography


Q: Do you need to have studied Photography before?

No – some student’s have completed the GCSE before but most have not. The most important thing is that you are passionate about photography and keen to learn and improve.

Q: Do you need your own camera?

Yes. You will need your own camera. We recommend a DSLR and we stock the Canon 4000D but you can buy any model you like however if you would like to loan our lenses then you would need a Canon camera. We suggest you look for good quality second-hand camera rather than buying brand new. MPB and ebay are good sites that our students use. We are able to provide college cameras for class exercises until the beginning of January 2021 so you do not need your own camera when starting the course. Students in receipt of a bursary can use one of the college DSLR cameras on long term loan.

Q: Is there an exam in Photography?

No the course is 100% coursework.  Year 12 allows students to develop their skills and try different projects.  Year 13 has two components – Component One which is worth 60% of your grade and Component Two which is the remaining 40%.  Component One in Year 13 is a continuation of one of the Y12 projects – student choose the project the enjoyed most to continue with into Y13.

Q: How are you assessed in Photography?

Students are assessed on the visual and technical quality of the photography they create. These skills continue to improve and develop them during the course. The are also assessed on their written work that accompanies their photography. This written work shows students growing understanding of the technical and visual strengths of their work. They also need to show their planning for shoots and a continual review of their progress. This is linked to their understanding of other photographer’s work.

Q: What do I need to bring when I start the course?

You need a hard drive or a memory stick to story you work on – a hard drive is preferable. Students can also back up their work on the cloud but you do need your own storage. Most students get these from amazon.

We hope that the Course video, FAQs and Subject Live chat have answered all your questions about the course. If you do have any other generic questions, please contact the course leader [email protected].

Please note that queries about your individual progression onto the course should be directed to [email protected]