Media Studies

An introduction to Media Studies


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Q: What do we do in A Level Media Studies?

We explore a wide range of media forms including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, video games and social media. We think about how they work, how they affect their audiences and what they say about the industries and societies which produce them. Most of your work will be written but there is the chance to develop practical skills and plan, shoot and edit a music video.

Q: What can you do with a Media Studies A Level?

A Level Media Studies can lead to university, apprenticeships and employment in a related area (there are lots of jobs in the media industries) but lots of our students go onto study and work in non-media related areas such as psychology, teaching, business studies and nursing etc.

Q: Why should I study the media?

The media, in all its forms, is such an important area to study: especially now. Our understanding of the world and our ability to communicate with each other is increasingly shaped by the media available to us: understanding how it works and affects is essential.

Q: Do I need to have taken GCSE Media Studies?

No, not all schools offer GCSE Media Studies and we will teach you all the analysis and practical skills you need to succeed on the course.

Q: Can I do this course with A Level Film Studies?

Yes, lots of students take both and universities are happy to accept them.

Q: Do I need to buy a camera for the practical work?

No, we provide all the equipment you need for your coursework.

Q: Are there any costs?

There is a small insurance charge which allows you to take cameras out of college.

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