English Language

An introduction to English Language

English Language Induction Activity Booklet

Q: What is the difference between Language and Literature?

In language we study the linguistic structure of language, analyse texts of different genres and do some of your own writing. We do not study whole texts.

Q: What books do you study?

We don’t study complete books, although we do have a look at fiction to support you in developing your own writing of fiction. We do not study poetry. We do not study Shakespeare – that’s Literature

Q: How much creative writing do you do?

Sadly, the creative writing A level no longer exists, so if you want to do creative writing as part of your A level studies, you will find that in English Language. In terms of the final assessment, Creative and Critical Writing is 20% of the final grade. In terms of teaching, we spend one of the three lessons on creative writing. The rest of the time/ assessment is focused on text analysis.

Q: How large are the classes?

For the year 19-20, the classes were in year 13 – average 22. In year 12, average 19.

Q: What can we study for the non-exam assessment?

The non-exam assessment is 20% of the final grade. It takes place in year 13 and is student directed. This means that you choose your own topic and materials. You could pick an area that you are particularly interested in or that might lead towards your progression ideas. It needs to be focused on identity and then be taken from one of four topic areas. ‘Self-representation’ is where you might choose to study your own language and how you represent yourself through your language in different contexts. ‘Gender’ where you could choose to study the identity created for or by different genders for example the identities created by male and female politicians or film stars. ‘Language diversity’ where you might choose to study the identity created by speakers of different varieties of language. Or, ‘Language and culture’ is the final topic where you would investigate the identity of key cultural figures or groups, such as sports personalities, musicians, criminals or nationalities. It is 3,000 words. We will have completed a practice piece for each topic before the final investigation.We hope that the Course video, FAQs and Subject Live chat have answered all your questions about the course. If you do have any other generic questions, please contact the course leader [email protected]

Please note that queries about your individual progression onto the course should be directed to [email protected]