BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts

An introduction to BTEC Performing Arts


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Q: What will my college week look like?

Every subject at Bilborough Sixth Form College is taught over three, one and half hour sessions a week. The Extended Diploma in Performing Arts is equivalent to three subjects, therefore you will be timetabled for nine, one and half hour sessions a week and one additional session with your tutor group. This will amount to fifteen hours of contact time a week with your teachers.  One session out of these, will be dedicated to support time and used as a catch up session, providing you with an opportunity to have personalised support from your teacher.

Q: What do I need to wear?

For all practical lessons you are required to wear practical attire that allows you to move freely, for example a leotard, unitard, leggings or tracksuit bottoms, and a plain T-Shirt or vest. You will be given the option to buy an exclusive personalised Bilborough Sixth Form T-Shirt. No earrings, bangles bracelets or rings and hair must be tied back and out of the face. You will be expected to work bare-footed or wear soft-soled trainers, depending on the activity.

Q: How much written work is there?

The amount of written work that you are required to do depends on the unit that you are taking. Examples of the types of written work are producing powerpoint presentations, reports, log books, writing analytical paragraphs, and grid style note-taking. All units, with the exception of unit 1 and 7, have a practical element, which will contribute to your final grade, but all will require some level of writing to support the practical work that you produce. One lesson a week is allocated as a catch up session, to enable you to stay on top of the work. You may be asked, where it is possible, to keep video diaries or voice diaries of your log books to support your work.

Q: What styles will we study?

Throughout the full programme you will be shown a wide range of acting styles, such as Epic Theatre, Realism and Melodrama; dance/physical theatre styles such as Frantic Assembly, Matthew Bourne and Gecko Theatre. The styles that you work in will be dependant on the unit that you are studying for example, in the unit ‘Variety Performance’ students have learnt how to hula hoop, and in the unit ‘Improvisation’ we have taught contact improvisation.

Q: I am new to the performing arts; can I still take this course?

The BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts is perfect for students that have a lot of experience and also little experience in the performing arts. An interest in the subject is, however, essential! Throughout the course you will explore drama, musical theatre and dance but we will suggest you choose to be assessed for your strengths when given the option to specialise. You will be taught a wide range of styles and theories from their origins and it gives students an overall proficiency in all aspects of the performing arts.

Q: Are there any exams?

There are 4 timed assessment tasks throughout the course but no formal exams. Each Centre is given a window in which these can take place and we arrange, within the department, when that is best for you. We always avoid unit assessment deadline being at the same time so your workload will be more manageable

Q: Are A Levels better than BTECs?

We get this question a lot. They are the same!  Universities look at UCAS points. These are gained by completing qualifications; regardless of what path you take. Performing Arts qualifications prepare you for all sorts of employment opportunities.

We hope that the Course video, FAQs and Subject Live chat have answered all your questions about the course. If you do have any other generic questions, please contact the course leader [email protected]

Please note that queries about your individual progression onto the course should be directed to [email protected]