Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Awareness Week 1-7 February 2021. This year’s theme is Express Yourself. Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good. It’s important to remember that being able to express yourself is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who you are, and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself. For Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Week 2021 we will be encouraging children (and adults) to explore the different ways we can express ourselves, and the creative ways that we can share our feelings, our thoughts and our ideas. For more information click here

We are still here for you, you can access all of the student support services remotely, the team are always happy to hear from you, whether it’s a counselling and/or wellbeing referral, concerns about yourself or others or simply seeking advice, please contact [email protected], [email protected], [email protected][email protected]. If you have a safeguarding concern please create a whisper report via student advantage and/or contact a member of the safeguarding team.

Please see below for some useful tips, advice and guidance on where you can get support for your mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Remember if you are worried about yourself or a friend you can contact a member of the Safeguarding Team, your tutor or a teacher you trust. You will find a wide range of resources on Moodle under the Wellbeing section.