Covid-19 Student FAQ’s

Q. Now that the exams are cancelled, how will the grades going to be allocated? Are predicted grades going to be used?  Will my mock exam results be the grade I will be given? Will I need to provide evidence (e.g. folder/marked work) for me to be given a grade?

A. The government have said they will publish details about how they intend to award grades for A levels and BTECs on Friday 20th March. Until we have this information, we cannot say whether predicted grades will be used. Having said that, any predicted grades that teachers give would be based on a whole range of things:  assessment results, homework records, etc.

Q. Do I still need to complete coursework?

A. It is still unclear as to how grades will be awarded so until it is announced tomorrow, it would be sensible to keep working on your coursework until the guidance has been given from the government

Q. Will there be any internal (college) assessments for us to revise for to give predicted grades? Do we need to keep doing work to provide evidence for a predicted grade? Do I still need to keep revising?

A. No. There are no plans for staff to give predicted grades based on work beyond this point.

Q. How will I know whether I have been accepted on my university course? What if I am still awaiting interviews/auditions/offers? How will universities decide on who is going to be accepted on a course if they are over-subscribed?

A. This information may vary for different universities.  Please go to their websites to get this information

Q. If I do not get the grade I think I deserve, is there an appeals process?

A. There is no information currently available to answer this question. We will update this document when we know more.

Q. Are employers/apprenticeships/universities going to take results seriously if we got ‘awarded grades’ rather than sitting exams for the result? Will these be classed as real A levels/BTECs?

A. We understand that they will be treated as any other year’s qualification.

Q. Is college refunding college bus payments?

A. If you use college buses you will receive an email by Friday 20th March

Q. I am a bursary student. Will I still get financial support?

A. You have been sent an email with details of payments that will be made to you. These will continue until college reopens and up to the planned end of year date for year 13s.

Q. When do I return my library books and collect the £60 deposit?

A. The logistics of this are yet to be sorted.  It will be communicated with you in the coming weeks but this is likely to be linked to the Leavers Event (details to follow)

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected]

What is the situation for applicants

As you know, it has been announced that UK schools and colleges will close until further notice, and that GCSE examinations will not be taking place. We fully understand that this is an anxious time for all of you and we wanted to assure you that we are working hard to ensure that your progression to Bilborough for the next academic year is as smooth as possible.

Induction taster days
We have scheduled taster days for all applicants for 9th and 10th July (Induction A) and 13th and 14th July (Induction B). We do not know yet if these days will be able to go ahead – we will notify you as soon as we have made a firm decision.

Enrolment to college
We have scheduled our main enrolment days for 20th and 21st August, immediately following GCSE results day, and we hope that these days will go ahead as planned. As you know, students must meet minimum entry requirements to study with us and specific criteria for certain courses. At the moment, given the government’s commitment to award GCSE grades to all Y11 students, we anticipate that this day will run as normal. Once we get the information from the Department of Education about how the grades are to be awarded, we will confirm or amend this arrangement.

We wish you, your friends, your schools and your families the very best during this difficult period and we look forward to welcoming you here in September.