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General Studies

General Studies

Our Subject

Should junk food be banned? Should stronger measures be adopted to reduce crime? General Studies is an extra qualification you can attain in return for knowing what is going on in the world! In our lively classes, which will include news quizzes, debates and political discussions, we’ll focus on matters such as crime and punishment; sport, media and the arts; genetic engineering; euthanasia; standards in education, and transport and congestion. General Studies only takes up two hours of your timetable per week because you must supplement the work we do lessons by reading newspapers and watching TV news and documentary programmes.

Our links with HE

Most students will start General studies in Year 13, after they have discontinued one of their four AS subjects studied in Year 12. However you can opt to take AS General Studies in Year 12, and then concentrate on the A2 component in Year 13. You may also have the opportunity to fast-track to the full A-level in Year 12. General Studies is welcomed by many universities as an additional A-level. Having the qualification has often made a difference in those cases where students have just missed their expected grades in their other examinations.

Course Structure

There is no coursework for General Studies as the entire course is assessed by exam.

Here are just some of the areas that you will cover while studying General Studies:

  • Political systems, processes and goals
  •  Social and economic trends and constraints
  • The relationship between law, society and ethics
  • Beliefs, values and moral reasoning
  • An understanding and appreciation of the changing nature and importance of culture
  • Understanding scientific methods, principles and their application
  • The relationship between technology, science, society and ideology.


General Studies is a subject which encompasses myriad aspects of the world around us. Studying it helps to give you a well-rounded view, which is valuable when you move onto university or the workplace.