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Extended Project Qualification

Extended Project Qualification

Our Subject

This option is very popular with students and universities alike. Providing you with a chance to partake in an extended study of a topic that you are interested in, whether this is a hobby or linked to a future career path. EPQ will help you to develop essential skills needed to be successful at university or if you wish to go into the workplace.

At Bilborough College you will have a dedicated team that will guide and support you through the process, helping you to achieve the very best that you can. You will be timetabled for one lesson a week where are taught vital skills to complete your project to a high standard.

In year thirteen you have the opportunity to select the course as part of the Extended Studies option.

Our links with HE

This qualification is valued by many universities. It emphasises your ability to participate in independent research and your ability to plan and carry out a project. You will also be demonstrating these skills to universities and potential employers who find selection of candidates difficult. Please see the following link to an article written by the BBC showing the importance of the qualification.

EPQ can gain students vital UCAS points for university entry. Many universities now also offer reduced entry if students complete an EPQ project linked to their future HE course.

What do Universities think about the EPQ?

Cambridge: “We welcome the introduction of the Extended Project and would encourage you to undertake one as it will help you develop independent study and research skills and ease the transition from school/college to higher education.”

Oxford: “Where applicants have undertaken the Extended Project (EP), the University will not make this a condition for an offer (as the EP is not a compulsory element of post-16 study) but recognises that the EP will provide an applicant with the opportunity to develop research and academic skills relevant for study at Oxford. Candidates are encouraged to draw upon their experience of undertaking the project when writing their personal statement, particularly if the topic is allied to their chosen degree course.”

UCL: “UCL welcomes the introduction of the Extended Project into the curriculum, recognising that it will develop many of the skills necessary for successful study at university. For students presenting A-levels, UCL will be accepting a pass in the Extended Project as an alternative to the need to offer a pass in a fourth subject at AS level.”

Manchester: “The skills that students develop through the Extended Project are excellent preparation for university-level study. Students can refer to the Extended Project in their UCAS personal statements and at interview to demonstrate some of the qualities that universities are looking for.”

Course Structure

The EPQ is assessed as an AS level. However, it awards up to an A*, which is the only AS to do so. Assessment comes in three ways. First all students have to complete a production log, detailing their work throughout the year. Secondly, all students must deliver a presentation about what they did and finally, all students must complete the project. For most this will be a 5000-word report or you do have the option to complete an artefact with an accompanying smaller report.


Student Quotes

“EPQ has enabled me to pick my first choice university offer by reducing my entry grades needed to get in.”

“When hungry, eat your rice; when tired, close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men take the EPQ.”

“From taking EPQ it has given me the confidence I need to go to university from the skills it has given me.”

“Nobody should go into the Extended Project Qualification thinking it is going to be easy option; it requires hard work, perseverance and a continued effort throughout the entire process. If you are keen to learn new things, gain valuable experience in academic report writing and generally lessen your eventual exam tally whilst gaining a valuable qualification, then by all means EPQ is the answer.”

“Really interesting and great if you pick a topic you really enjoy but a lot of hard work! Get started as soon as you can.”

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