Student Exec/Voice

Student Executive

“Hello from your Student Executive. We organise trips, social outings and charity events, as well as the Christmas Ball. We were responsible for introducing Fair Trade goods into Bilborough Sixth Form College.

“We provide a strong link between students and staff, with our two presidents having regular meetings with the Principal. Every month we hold Student Council meetings (you will hear of the dates and times in tutor sessions), attended by two members of each tutor group. These meetings are your chance to voice your opinion on any of the events we are planning, or to raise any important issues. You can also make suggestions on how we spend our money and what you’d like us to do in the future. For example, we have just organised for the editor of the Nottingham magazine Left Lion to come in to Bilborough Sixth Form College and give a talk about journalism.

“The Student Exec is run for the students by the students, so please get involved and help us ensure we provide something for everyone.”

Student Voice

As a college we are always looking for opportunities to make continuous improvements to the facilities and experience that we provide. Throughout your time at Bilborough Sixth Form College, you will be asked to give us your feedback by completing questionnaires on a wide variety of topics, such as our IT facilities, the catering and your perception of the courses you attend.

As a result of previous student feedback we have made improvements to a number of areas such as:

  • Increasing the numbers of laptops and iPads available
  • Improving facilities for private study
  • Improved wireless services so that mobile devices can use network facilities

What future changes will you play a part in?