Audit Committee

The role of the Audit Committee is:

  • To advise the Corporation on the effectiveness of the College’s internal control systems through the work undertaken by the external auditor, the ILR auditor and the internal audit service.
  • Monitor the work of auditors and advise the Corporation on their appointment and dismissal.
  • Following the Audit Code of Practice, to provide assurance on the quality and effectiveness of the College’s corporate governance, independent of College management.
  • Investigate any allegation of fraud or irregularity, seek any information it requires and obtain external professional advice.

In matters of urgency the Chair of the Audit Committee has power to take appropriate action including notification to the EFA (Education Funding Agency).

A full copy of the Committee Terms of Reference can be found here.

Minutes of Audit Committee

Minutes 21 September 2015

Minutes 30 November 2015

Minutes 14 March 2016

Minutes 13 June 2016

Contact the Governors
If you wish to make contact with our Governing Body, the first point of contact is Claire Bailey, our independent Clerk who will deal with your correspondence confidentially.  This is the case should you wish to contact an individual Governor or the Corporation.

We have the following elected Governors on our Board, although elected by their respective peers, these Governors, like all corporation members do not speak and vote by mandates given to them by others.  If you wish to contact elected Governors and do not have their contact details, please contact the clerk as above.

  • Parent Governor
  • Student Governors
  • Teaching Staff Governor
  • Support Staff Governor

Our complaints policy can be accessed through the policy page as can our whistleblowing policy. Please feel free to contact the Clerk on any issues in relation to the Corporation.