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Our Subject

What does democracy really mean? How powerful are Prime Ministers? How do different Political ideas relate to today’s issues? If you enjoy debating current affairs and politics and would like to study a subject that is relevant to your everyday life, then you could be a perfect candidate for an A-level in Politics.

This course will appeal to students who:

  • Have a lively and enquiring mind.
  • Have a desire to explore new ideas.
  • Enjoy debating current affairs and politics.
  • Feel the need to take part in the decision-making process.
  • Want to affect people’s everyday lives.
  • Want an opportunity to progress to a career in politics.

To study Politics at Bilborough, you need a grade B/5 in English and at least one other Grade B/5 in an essay-based subject.

Our links with HE

A Level Politics combines particularly well with the A Level History, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology and Law courses. As well as giving you a solid foundation for a possible career in politics, this qualification can be a useful grounding for a wide range of careers. A high proportion of Bilborough Sixth Form College Politics students go on to related courses at degree level and, for some, this has led to great things. One former student, for example, is now a senior civil servant in the Cabinet Office.

Course Structure

You will study 3 separate units which are each assessed through exams at the end of your 2 year course of study. Each unit is worth 1/3 of your A Level.

Paper 1: Government and Politics of UK

  • Government of UK: The structure, processes and powers of the UK Government system including the role of Parliament, the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
  • Politics of UK: The means by which people engage with and are affected by the UK political system including elections and referendums, political parties and pressure groups.

Paper 2: Government and Politics of USA

  • Government of USA: The importance and structure of the US constitution and the separate role and powers of the President, Congress and Supreme Court.
  • Politics of USA: The means by which people engage with and are affected by the US political system including electoral processes, political parties, pressure groups and civil rights.
  • Comparative Politics of USA and UK: The key similarities and differences between the Government and Politics of the USA and UK.

Paper 3: Political Ideas – The nature, ideas and values, tensions within and main thinkers of key political ideologies.

  • Liberalism
  • Socialism
  • Conservatism
  • A study of one additional ideology: either Feminism, Nationalism, Multiculturalism, Anarchism, Ecologism


A few years ago a student came to the induction at Bilborough Sixth Form College just to have a look, discovered it was for him and got involved in local politics.  During Year 13, alongside his A-levels, he fought an election campaign and became one of the youngest district councillors in the country.  TV cameras came to college to film his success story, which was shown on national TV.  In 2013 he stood in the Nottinghamshire County Council elections and became the youngest ever Nottinghamshire County Councillor.

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