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Our Subject

Studying Biology gives you the chance to learn about what keeps us alive – and the importance of other living beings and the environment around us. At Bilborough College, in practical and theoretical lessons taking place in our four specially equipped biology laboratories, our experienced Biology teachers will help develop your scientific awareness and understanding. The course is designed to build on the concepts you met at GCSE in an exciting and interesting way. You’ll study many aspects of living organisms, including biological molecules, cells, physiology, genetics and the environment. You will look at how some of the current biological concepts were developed, and the contribution biologists have made to society.

To study Biology at Bilborough College, you need GCSE grade B/5 in double science or a B/5 in Biology.  In addition to this, you need a grade B/5 in Maths and preferably a C/4 in English.

Our links with HE

Bilborough Sixth Form College’s Biology department has strong links with the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University via their student outreach programmes. At the end of Year 12 you have the opportunity to apply for a Nuffield Research Bursary, which could enable you to gain research experience in a field that interests you. For past students this has included investigating reptile genes, exploring foetal MRI scanning and studying local ecosystems as part of a nationwide project.

Biology is interesting in its own right, stimulating concern and respect for all life. Studying it can help you develop a wide range of key skills, as well as increasing your understanding of scientific methods and principles. A Biology qualification can lead to a variety of degree paths, such as Sports Science, Medicine, Environmental Science, Physiotherapy and Biomedical Sciences. And even if you decide not to continue with Biology at a higher level, you will learn valuable skills that you can apply to almost any degree or career choice.

Course Structure

We follow the AQA Biology specification. In your first year (AS) you will study three units, learning about molecules, enzymes and digestion, cell structure, pathogens, evaluating biological studies, the immune system and vaccinations; the heart and lungs (and diseases of the heart and lungs); differentiation; transport systems in living organisms; the transfer of genetic material; and antibiotics. The third unit will be an externally marked practical assessment which allows you to demonstrate the practical skills and knowledge you have acquired during the year.

There are a further three units in your second year (A2). The first concerns various sampling techniques in Biology and includes ecosystems, energy transfer and investigating populations; photosynthesis and respiration; nutrient cycles; genetics and inheritance, and evolution and speciation. The second looks at control in cells and organisms including survival and response in living things; muscles; control and homeostasis; protein synthesis and mutations; genomes and gene technology. Again, the third unit will consist of a practical assessment.


As a Bilborough Biology student, a variety of opportunities are available to you during the course. These include the Nuffield Research Programme for Year 12 students as detailed above and the Biology Olympiad Competition for Year 13 students, in which our past students have excelled – some achieving the prestigious Gold award. We are delighted to welcome in guest speakers from local universities, and we also arrange trips during your time at the college to further pique your interest in what is already a fascinating subject.

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